How to prepare for a freediving course?
In this section you will find up-to-date information that will help you prepare for the course: how to get to the place, where to live, what equipment you need and other important points.

Physical condition

Many people think that breath-hold diving is only available to people with super powers.

This is not true! We work with both professionals and absolute beginners, including those with a fear of water. Of course, the ability to swim and hold your breath at an amateur level will help you develop faster, but this is not necessary. You can start diving right now!

How to get there (1)
Our courses take place in Egypt (Dahab) in winter and in Turkey (Kash) in summer

Arrival airport:

Sharm El Sheikh, any charter or regular flight. Travel time from the airport to Dahab is 1 hour. We will help you with transfer order, the driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and take you to the hotel.


You choose the hotel yourself on Recommended hotels to stay:

Red Sea Relax, Planet Oasis, Sea Soul, Alf Leila, Golden Europe, Dahab Hotel, Coral Coast, El Primo and other hotels near these. When booking a hotel not from the list, check with us and clarify the information about the chosen place of residence.

How to get there (2)


Arrival airports: Antalya or Dalaman.

Private transfer is possible from the hotel where you are

stop, it will cost around 60-65 euros (2.5 hours on the way from Dalaman, 3.5 hours from Antalya)

From Dalaman, a shared transfer by minibus is possible. It will cost around 10 euros.

Hotels: We dive at Halk Beach (Kas Belediyesi Halk Plajı). There are no hotels within walking distance near the beach, but you can choose a hotel with a location to your taste or airbnb.

Getting around Kas is by available taxis or buses. Scooter and car rentals are also popular.

Freediving Equipment
To dive in Egypt (Red Sea) you will need a 3mm (May to October) or 5mm (November to April) wetsuit, short or long freediving fins, mask, snorkel, elastic freediving weight belt, weights. All equipment can be rented in Dahab. Almost all equipment can be bought (except freediving wetsuits).

To dive in Turkey (Mediterranean Sea) you will need a 1.5 - 3mm suit, fins, mask, snorkel, elastic freediving weight belt and weights. Snorkel, mask, belt and weights can be purchased locally.

For your convenience, you will need a swimsuit, a large towel, flip flops, sunscreen and whatever else you like to take to the beach :)

Below we will talk about the equipment that is suitable for beginners. If you are interested in buying a professional suit and fins, please contact us for advice.

We cooperate with the Italian brands Cetma and Eliossub, which produce professional quality freediving suits, fins and monofins. We will help you decide on the order, select the equipment that is optimal for your purposes and make an order to Italy.

Where to start?
The simplest models of wetsuits, fins, masks for beginners can be found at Decathlon and Ozone

Wetsuits for beginners can be one-piece, but it is ideal if

it has separate hooded jacket and pants.

The suit can be "open-cell" smoothskin, or with additional fabric for the strength of the suit. For beginners, a suit with extra fabric is recommended. If the suit has no hood, then you should buy it separately.

Mask and snorkel

The mask should have a small air volume and a

soft skirt. Scuba diving and snorkeling masks are different from freediving masks, check with the store for what the model is for.

The snorkel should be simple. It must be rigid and able stay up out of the water while breathing without always needing to attach it to the mask. You can buy a snorkel with an attachment for the mask or just tuck it under your mask strap.

Should have closed heel (except for some freediving fins like Molchanovs), short or long.
"Dolphin" brand rubber fins are also ideal.

You can consider long freediving fins: an affordable option is plastic long fins.
Belt and weights
The freediving weight belt is elastic and is worn on the hips - not the waist! - so as not to interfere with breathing. The best and most reliable models are with the pictured Marseilles buckle.

Weights should be 1 kg, the selection of weights is carried out at the rate of 1 kg per 1 mm of the suit with an average build.